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Alan FordOne day in the life of Alan the actor

Brad Pitt could not understand one word Cockney actor Alan Ford was saying during the filming of Guy Ritchie's Snatch, writes Dan Carrier > more

Thin Ice: A Resting Actor. A Busy day
by Alan Ford.
Orion, £9.99

European farce

European farce
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Little Pavarotti Alex

Little Pavarotti Alex
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The Crow

Kids R Us with cry baby Robben and boo hoo Mido
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Comment, Forum, John Gulliver and Your Letters

A good week for democracy

THE people have spoken – and, it appears, their elected representatives have listened.

For years we have argued that local affairs had unfortunately fallen into the hands of managers, not those chosen by the people to represent them. For too long, officials have had to much of an undue influence on decision making at the Town Hall... > more

Home Secretary's farcical walkabout - Well done to the New Journal for reporting the Labour Party’s election stunt in Camden Town last week. It was a farce... > more

We need right to appeal bad planning decisions - JOHN Kleeman (Something rotten at the heart of planning, Jan 26) was right to point out the deficiency in... > more

Good to hear culture minister speaking-up over baths issue - It is refreshing to read culture secretary Tessa Jowell’s views on the... > more

I have every right to protect my business from interference - With reference to your article (War of the Roses, Feb 2) about Renzo Khan being asked not to... > more

Unity is the only way forward in tackling our youths' problems - Last week I wrote to extend my sympathies to all the families caught up in recent tragic events... > more

Landlord is failing tenants - If Community Housing Group (CHG) chief executive Mick Sweeney was really concerned about the legal costs of this action... > more

Park has even more space - I am writing in response to the letter published last week (Give Us Return For Loss Of Park). I’m sorry if the writer feels her views... > more

A special young man - TOMMY Winston would seem to have been quite a special young man. His family and neighbours only have good words to say about... > more

Planning shouldn't make things worse - FORUM: Opinion in the CNJ > more

The finest legal minds agree about our 'elected dictator' - One Week with John Gulliver > more

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