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Camden New Journal - FORUM: Opinion in the CNJ
Published:21 August 2008
The figures don’t lie – so when will this anti-book policy stop?

Camden libraries are failing in their primary function – to provide a book-lending service, as 30 years of ­reduction in stock proves, writes Alan Templeton

IN her letter to the New Journal on August 14, Fiona Dean, Camden’s... > more
Saturation point as museum races to attract more visitors
> more
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£10m in kitty, but still youth clubs suffer cuts
> more
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Lido legacy helps keep my family in the swim
> more

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Discrimination’? We must do better for our children
> more
Are crime maps the way ahead for cracking crime?

FIRST, fingerprinting, then ultra-sophisticated crime-scene forensics and then DNA – now crime-mapping!
Little can stand in the way of the onward march of hi-tech crime-busters.
But is crime-mapping all that it is claimed to be? > more

Cyclists can take a stand – and avoid the station clampers
- SIMON Wroe’s article and Miriam Harriot’s letter describe Network Rail as clamping... > more

From the core of her soul, a mother’s words to her murdered son
- A POEM written by Sally Jayne Brown about the death of her son Elliot Guy... > more

Low morale and full wards, but still room for profit
- RECENT correspondence on mental health services surprises me. I have become involved... > more

Parting shots, but there’s too much misfiring
- I SEE that Neil Litherland, director of housing, says it is going to be difficult to top working... > more

Health risks in our parks
- WHY are Camden’s parks overrun with large vehicles and violently loud machinery? Surely the point of parks... > more

Geraniums out, cress in
- I TOO am in favour of residents using every piece of available land to produce their own food (We need to produce... > more

If spending has increased, where has all the money gone?
- THOSE of us who run youth service projects care little which party those giving the... > more

Pub is toast of community centre
- THE New Journal report on the success of the event at the Torriano pub in raising money towards the... > more

Wedding plans blitzed
- I AM most grateful to you for publishing the correspondence about St Paul’s Church in Camden Town, especially Ken... > more

Call was answered
- IT is a pity John Gulliver didn’t check with Camden Council before writing about councillor nominations to Camden... > more

‘Patchy’ housing record will be punished at the polls
- YOUR article ‘Housing man moves on’ has Mr Neil Litherland, “best known for his... > more


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