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Camden New Journal - FORUM: Opinion in the CNJ
Published:14 August 2008
Small is beautiful for patients, polyclinics are a big problem

Can the government afford the polyclinic palaces it has proposed? Patients fear replacing small GPs’ practices could be an expensive mistake, writes Wendy Savage

LORD Darzi’s plan for London envisages 150 polyclinics each with 25 GPs and each serving 50,000 people. > more
Magic of Beatrix Potter can be added to Reading Room
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Cuts hitting our youth
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Provision for vulnerable people is still declining
> more

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A ‘development’ is taking place on our open space
> more
Health chiefs are putting finance before patient care

THE governing body of healthcare in the borough – the Camden Primary Care Trust – moves in mysterious ways.
Suddenly, it has found itself exposed by a respected cancer charity as a primary care trust unwilling to back medical decisions taken by eminent specialists... > more

Ex-gangster’s help may not be enough for our kids
- I READ the article concerning Nakuja Guyan on helping our youth on the streets... > more

Bike news update
- WOW! The power of the press. > more

Process threatens sports centre forever after
- THE assistant director of planning Anne Doherty is leaving Camden. > more

No mandate to be puppet Tories
- I READ with interest Meric Apak’s recent letters about democracy in your paper and wonder if our politicians... > more

We need to produce more of our own food
- NONE of us can ignore the rising cost of energy and food. > more

Beware – bicycle clamping a sign of the times
- ACHTUNG! If the bike racks at St Pancras International are full, beware… > more

Low-down on borough hotspots
- GIVEN current concerns about rising fuel prices it is interesting to note that within Camden some areas have... > more

Plant life and death
- YEARS ago, when I lived in Denning Road, Hampstead, I planted sunflowers in the dirt patch round a street tree. > more

Moving on
- FURTHER to Sara Newman’s article about the closure of the Hampstead Community Centre’s saturday market (Arts and crafts... > more

Courage to speak out
- IT takes courage for a senior police officer to raise their head above the ocean waves and shift some responsibility... > more

Supporting community
- ON Thursday last week I joined Liberal Democrat shadow home secretary Chris Huhne and Keith Moffitt, the leader... > more

This is a national problem
- YOUR correspondents (Far too many holes in the mental health service net, August 7) are quite right to decry... > more

Libraries service is successful
- IT'S always surprising to read another New Journal article (‘Libraries are on borrowed time’, August 7)... > more

HQ is in Kansas City
- WITH reference to the article about the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead (‘Computer chaos puts patients at risk’... > more

How some smokers take flight by travelling abroad
- MANUEL? He’s from Barcelona.Just back from a five-day break in Barcelona. > more

We like our green
- AS a concerned resident of Rydal Water I am not only angry that Camden Council are going ahead with the one-stop... > more


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