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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published:5 April 2007
Theatre has star role in a vibrant society

Glenda Jackson believes theatre deserves a bigger subsidy, reflecting the benefits it brings the nation

IN concert with many others, I have been making the case for a secure subsidy to British theatre for the whole of my... > more
Here’s hoping we finally get our pool
> more

spacerspacer Letters
We mental health patients are valuable members of society
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Our vision for a welcoming town
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Troubling blaze
> more
What horrors await Camden in the future?

A CREEPING lawlessness is coming to Camden’s streets.
To an extent it is exemplified by the dreadful assault on the young Camden councillor Russell Eagling on Sunday evening – in what used to be a haven of peace, leafy Well Walk in Hampstead (See page 3)... > more

We need to get the facts on recycling
RE: Estates the losers in recycling ‘lottery’ (CNJ, March 29). > more

Holly singers thanks
- WE are writing to thank the staff, volunteers and patients at St Pancras Hospital for their warm welcome and engagement with the... > more

Great concert
- CAMDEN'S Spring Music Festival at St George’s in Bloomsbury was terrific. > more

Some Green pressure
- IN his recent letter to the press (Greens pushed Ken Hard, Mar 29) Councillor Adrian Oliver defended Ken Livingstone’s tax rise by... > more

Police statistics problem
- YOUR article (It’s as good as it gets’, says top cop, Mar 29) presumes a great deal about police statistics methods. > more

Free canvassing is just a PR exercise
- THE Royal Free chief says he is selling off more of the “family silver” – he does not tell us why (Free Chief says more to be... > more

What about the cops’ free travel?
- WITH the future of the Freedom Pass under threat one assumes that the free travel for a 70-mile radius around London that is... > more

Game plan
- YOUR excellent report on the plan for a casino in Bloomsbury stated that the applicant was applying for a 24-hour gaming licence (Outrage at casino... > more

U-turn leaves children in lurch
- SOMERS Town is to lose key junior after-schools provision. > more

We’re not chlamydia capital
- CONTRARY to recent newspaper reports, it is unfair to label Camden as the ‘Chlamydia Capital’ according to the local Primary... > more

Give us a Church of England secondary
- LABOUR London Assembly member Murad Qureshi’s comments about the issues facing new academies may have... > more

Sometimes you have to join school run
- I WALK my children to school and yet still support the Schools Travel Action Group’s (Stag’s) position on this matter... > more
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