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The Review - MUSIC - classical & jazz with JOEL TAYLOR
Published: 14 December 2006
High calibre for Mozart

St Mary Brookfield

THE North Camden Chorus and their conductor Ian Gibson were fortunate indeed to be able to attract very high calibre professional soloists for their concert last Friday, and the Chorus made a heroic attempt to match their expertise.
Watch out for soloists Sarah Probert, (soprano) Alyson Baker, (Alto) Tim Kiddell (Tenor) and Guy Waller, (Bass) all local singers who perform nationally.
The first movement of Mozart’s famous Requiem set the scene with amazing zest, and the alternating runs of the Kyrie did not appear to challenge the amateur singers of the Chorus, who took it all in their stride.
It is perfectly possible to take delight in this type of choral music without understanding the Latin text, and certainly one does not have to believe in purgatory to appreciate the dramatic correspondence between words and music.
The choir’s rendering of the Confutatis was particularly impressive, with the male voices giving the impression of souls suffering in hell (the acrid flames, the mouth of the lion or the bottomless pit) and the sopranos and altos tenderly pleading for salvation.
The solo sections in the Requiem are only a small part of the whole, but are examples of Mozart’s finest writing. As the solo voices weave in and out, we are reminded of the last trumpet, in the Tuba Mirum, even if it is the trombone which calls us to contemplate the finality of death.
As they sing the Benedictus hope of redemption is renewed, (“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”) moving even the least religious or spiritually minded person to rapture through the music.
The small chamber orchestra was at times slightly overwhelmed by the wonderful brass and bassoons, but the cello continuo was a delightful accompaniment.
The North Camden Chorus welcomes new singers. There are no auditions and it is a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with the choral repertoire. Visit for details
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