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The Review - MUSIC - grooves with CHARLOTTE CHAMBERS
Published: 12 April 2007
Mr Ti2bs talks about rap, radio and respect


FINSBURY Park MC Mr Ti2bs – real name Maka Agu – has grown up with the best of them (Skinny Man, Sway) released a track on Wung-Tang member RZA’s album in 2002, and done his bit on pirate radio. He makes regular appearances as Rodney Ps hypeman, and his debut album Nobody’s Perfect came out earlier this month.

CC: How did you get started?
MT: I was one of the latest out of the crew. I was a bit naughty running around doing stuff – Sway wasn’t like that, he was focused on the music.
They told me I was good but until someone I really respect says that I don’t believe it. When I got on pirate radio I got as good a response as Govna and Sway – if not better
I think people liked me because I was more personal. My brother was more battling and Sway was humourous.
CC: What do you think of pirate radio? Some people complain because of interference with legal radio.
MT: Some stations have been going for years, and they they do it by calling it ‘community’ radio and do a lot of ‘talk ins’ – discussing issues – and make sure songs are clean before 10.
The police don’t touch them, they see they’re doing good. It’s the grimier stations where there’s a lot of swearing they’ll get shut down a lot quicker. You’ve got to run it professionally. I learned a lot from hosting pirate radio, and it gives a lot of people the chance to get noticed.
CC: You’ve met Radio One DJ Tim Westwood – hero or loser?
MT: When he came and did the intro on the RZA thing he was humble and cool and his voice is not so exaggerated. (Do you mind that he plays much more American than UK hip hop?)
His thing is he plays what he thinks are the biggest records. I don’t argue with it, I think UK rap has stepped up the game especially in the business scale.
CC: What do you think of hip hop today?
MT: I don’t like a lot of new hip hop – it’s all cliched and generic, there’s not much depth. My little brother listens to gangsta rap and I’ve moved with people who live that life – I think that music has a negative vibe and influence.
CC: What about the Camden rap scene?
MT: There’s not a lot going on in Camden now – there used to be Kung Fu night at the Underworld (Camden Town) and Scratch at the Scala (King’s Cross), but there wasn’t much money in it and the same people were always there so it didn’t feel like it (the scene) was getting bigger.
But since they closed it all blew up.

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