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Widely recognised as a leader in its field, the Camden New Journal picked up its second prestigious press award in 2005.
The Camden New Journal

Widely recognised as one of the best free newspapers in the UK

In 2001 and 2005 the Camden New Journal won the Free Newspaper of the Year Category at the UK Press Gazette Regional Press Awards. It was voted runner up in 2000, 2002 and 2006.
The judges who awarded the CNJ stated The Camden New Journal, "simply doesn’t behave like a free newspaper". Judges thought it served its local community brilliantly, with impressive news coverage balanced by an excellent review section. With a five per cent increase in circulation and an eight per cent increase in revenue, it’s small staffs pulls off an "unmissible read week after week".So entrenched into the psyche of residents of Camden is the CNJ a recent BJM survey found that 66% of the Camden population regard it as their newspaper.

The CNJ's circulation currently stands at 69,323
(see postcode breakdown below)

Camden New Journal advertising rates
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CNJ distribution breakdown (by postcode)

Postcode Bulk Door-to-Door Total
NW1 15900 2700 18600
NW2 400 - 400
NW3 8700 4300 13000
NW5 5288 4200 9100
NW6 7500 1650 9150
NW11 800 - 800
W1 200 - 200
WC1 8550 1800 10350
WC2 2500 - 2500
EC1 650 - 650
N1 900 - 900
N6 600 850 1450
N7 1500 - 1500
N19 300 - 300
Total 53,788 15,500 68,900

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