Hollywood 'A' Lister Johnny Depp joins the crowd at Bar Solo

Johnny Depp with Bar Solo manager Lee Owens last Friday night

Published: 08 September 2011

THE iconic “Jack Sparrow” beard was gone and the sunglasses hid the matinee idol looks, but it was definitely Hollywood A-lister Johnny Depp in Camden Town last Friday night.
Mr Depp, who famously based his Pirates of the Caribbean role on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, rejoined the grizzled rock ’n’ roll fraternity at Bar Solo in Inverness Street to watch guitar band The Tricks. 
The four-piece are signed to Mr Depp’s fledgling underground label Union Music.
Club owner Marc Hayward said: “Johnny acted just like every other customer in the place – he came down, had a good time, then left the bar with a smile.”



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