Gove says no to Belsize Park free school

Tuesday October 11, 2011


PARENTS campaigning to establish a free school in former hostels in Belsize Park were told by the government last night (Monday) that their bid has not been successful. The Belsize Free School group, made up of parents in the area with school age children, are still waiting for the reasons behind Education Secretary Michael Gove's decision.

The Department of Education had received a detailed proposal to set up the one form entry primary in a pair of former Town Hall-owned hostels in Maresfield Gardens and Fitzjohns Avenue by campaigners who say there are not enough classroom places for under-11's in the Belsize Park area. They had hoped to open by September 2012, although the bid has been mired in controversy after the ruling Labour group at the Town Hall failed to back the project and began marketing the buildings on the private market.

Belsize Lib Dem councillor Tom Simon said "This is extremely disappointing. The campaigners worked very hard and put together a strong bid and should be congratulated for getting as far as they did. I think the Conservative Secretary of State, Michael Gove, has made a poor decision and children are left without the school they so badly need. Camden Lib Dems will continue to do everything we can to push the Labour council to finally find a solution to the problem".


Theo Blackwell

Wrong way around, the Tory Lib Dem council agreed to sell the properties in 2009, we agreed (as money was to be used for council housing) - the school campaign then said they wanted the buildings which Gove has said 'no' to.

Free School failure driven by Self-Serving Politicians

This flawed decision just goes to show what a sham Tory Education polices are AND Camden's decision to sell the premises is the Labour party mired in Dogma. None of these self-important political twats actually care about our children!

Remember that the whole Free School project arose because Camden Council have wilfully ignored the education needs of Belsize for over a decade and can't be arsed to provide school places, while at the same they have let the private education factories run riot.

The councillors who failed to support the project should hang their heads in shame!

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