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I am one of the perceived well off types living near the Chilterns with a huge house, grounds and expensive car.. except, the only thing that is true is that I live near the Chilterns in the Vale of Aylesbury. I am just an average person, working to make ends meet etc but I am pasionately against HS2. Of course I am horrified at the damage it will do the Chilterns and indeed all areas the planned line will pass through but I also cannot understand why it is thought a good idea to spend at least £35bn on a project that will benefit so few.

This country has one of the most comprehensive rail networks in the world, if there are no links between places then building one can generate economic activity but to suggest HS2 will bring such benefits as bridging the so called North South divide is frankly ridiculous. Only yesterday, it was announced that the expensive project to build large regional centres for the emergency services was to be scrapped after billions had been wasted and I am sure at the instigation of this, it was lauded as a fantastic project but again ang again the politicians get it wrong.

HS2 is a bad, expensive idea of little benefit that will adversly affect many people for many years. It must be scrapped!


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