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Camden New Journal - OBITUARIES A - Z
System change is drug user’s legacy
Peter Adam
Dr Catherine, the Angel of Highgate
Dr Catherine Hay Aitken
Pioneer with mission to help people with poor sight
Janet Albu OBE
Kate Allan heroine of the left
Kate Allan
‘Glory, glory!’ Special send-off for ‘Tottenham Ted’
Edward Allen
Tories’ youngest-ever face at Town Hall
Ken Avery
Unsung legend of the post-war jazz scene
Claus Baess
Lady ‘B’ excelled from the oboe to oaks
Eleanor Barbirolli
Controversial ‘Grumpole’ of the Bailey
Michael Beresford-West
Architect who fought for the image of Hampstead
Michael Bench
Refugee from the US fought for justice
Ruth Bartlett
Darius found expression through music and dance
Darius Boman-Behram
Churchill’s bodyguard who became mayor three times
Bill Budd
Socialist’s jazzy farewell
Dawn Binmore
Frank, great business brain behind launch of the New Journal
Frank Branston
A generous, loyal and lovably stubborn press man of principle
Patrick Breen
Peace campaigner ‘the sort of person CND was built on’
Frances Brown
Goodnight Irene, friends’ farewell to a ‘great campaigner’
Irene Bruegel
Artist famed for her sympathetic portraits
Kathleen Browne
Lifelong campaigner whose last words were: ‘Live differently’
Peter Cadogan
How paving fight turned Olga into real campaigner
Olga Calnan
Activist and socialist who was an inspiration to all
Trevor Carter
Photojournalist documented both Hollywood and the horrors of war
Denis Cameron
Standing up for the rights of others
Jean Cox
Retired publican was ‘a true gent and a one-off character’
Bertie Clark
Friends’ tributes to Joe Daly, big hearted ‘Clown Number One’
Joe Daly
Teacher, activist and free spirit
Rita Davies
Property developer who left his mark on landscape
Harold Deco
A determined worker with designs on better schools
Brenda Degerdon
Doctor healed soldiers’ mental scars
Patrick De Mare
Pioneer who opened anthropology to all
Dame Mary Douglas
Head who fought poverty
Robin Dowsett
Handsome, profoundly cultured and a royal favourite
Rodney Diak
Caretaker dies after last farewell to hall he loved
Alexander Dyos
‘Perfectionist’ David was a friend of the stars
David Fairbairn
Shock death of man who ‘loved to care for others’
Antony Fenn
Late-developer poet with her own angle on the world
Shelah Florey
Communist campaigner who never lost touch
Hilda Forman
Man of fierce logic and inventive puzzle making
Albie Fiore
International Brigade veteran
Sol Frankel
Inspirational journalist with a sense of mischief
Christine Garbutt
Outspoken RAF man who had a lighter side
Lord Timothy Garden
Dedicated teacher who loved the classroom
Ann Gilhooley
Retired diplomat with controversial line in sermons
Sir Alan Goodison
Richard Grout – a passionate headteacher
Richard Grout
Inspirational journalist with a sense of mischief
Christine Barbutt
Socialist blazed trail for human rights lawyers
Jack Gaster
Community centre memorial to vision of tenants’ leader
Chris Harbon
A true professional
Graham Harvey
Jo’s half century serving eels, pie and mash
Jo Hanrahan
Activist with key role in rent strike movement
Terry Heath
Life of an activist, legacy of a scholar
Bernhard Herzberg
Hundreds turn out for ‘Our Norm’
Norman Higginson
Home front heroine with a passion for singing and travelling
Maud Hillman
Bob believed in making the world a better place
Bob Hall
Frank played down his wartime horrors
Frank Hallett
School’s gran who helped hundreds to read
Phyllis Hillel
Friends remember creator of grassy knoll
Douglas A Huggins
‘One of the old school... and always a gentleman’
Patrick Howard
Custodian made dream return to historic house
Derek Jackson
Lena Jeger, MP who turned poetry of ideals into practice
Lena Jeger
Moving farewell for actress who shared stage with stars
Nicola Jenkins
Tribute to happy and courageous Michael
Michael Larkin
Charles saved thousands of lives with low-cost medicine
Charles Lefton
The lawyer who fought Franco and some overcharging builders!
Frank Loeffler
Upholder of ideals of liberty and inclusion
Margaret Little
An eclectic talent with unshakeable political beliefs
Helen Lighthill
Lee Johnson – art historian
Professor Lee Johnson
Bob Kelley – campaigner and local hero
Bob Kelley
Concert tribute to school’s music head
Richard Knight
Liberator found his bride among resistance
Charles Knight-Keen
Siberia taught restaurateur to value life
Ludwig Koch
Inspirational art teacher who fled from Nazis and apartheid
Joe Kusner
Actor who was equally at home in the workshop
Hugh Latimer
Violin teacher with light touch
Elspeth Lliff
Ex-nurse whose thoughts were for welfare of elderly
Irene ‘Rene’ Mackay
‘'Big John', trade unionist and man of principle
John Maher
Head who broke down walls that cut off schools
Michael Marland
Historian who saw the importance of beauty
Arthur Marwick
Ilse Mayor - Nazi-survivor who fled to Britain
Ilse Meye
Code-cracker and the genetics expert were pioneering researchers
Donald Michie
‘Adrian was a genius. He was a tender, political poet who never compromised’
Adrian Mitchell
The last gentleman
Brian McNicholas
Code-cracker and the genetics expert were pioneering researchers
Dame Anne McLaren
Pamela Moore – a woman of conviction
Pamela Moore
A ground-breaking academic
Ellen Noonan
Communist Party stalwart who stood up to the far right at polls
Jock Nicolson
A tireless worker and always true to her political ideals
Pat Nightingale
Poetry-loving ‘ambassador’
Elizabeth ‘Lil’ Price
Dennis loved the area so much
Dennis O'keefe
A wonderful lady, totally committed to justice
Betty Papworth
A child of the revolution who lived by her principles
Tamara Phillips
Anti-war stalwart searched for peace
Peggie Preston
‘Diana’s stature grew as she began to write her poetry’
Diana Raymond
The literary lioness with a penchant for French culture
Joanna Richardson
Green Jacket George, a ‘modern’ man devoted to his wife
George R
Lover of song, dance and stage
Dorothy Robinson
Musical biker with a passion for tennis
Anthony Rooney
Circus worker, artist and activist
James Shallcross
Hidden legacy of a life devoted to helping others
Huntly Spence
David, among first to fight for gay rights
David Smith
A stalwart of socialism and a man of unshakable principle
Jock Stallard
Poet, campaigner, feminist and Bowie fan
Ruth Stern
Preservation of Heath owed something to John’s science
John Stephenson
Forgery that was passport to a colourful life
Angela Szentirmay
Hospital chief’s naval style
Anthony Tippet
Doctor fought Parkinson’s and apartheid
Cecil Todes
Ex-mayor who led fight to save old people’s home
Jim Turner
Pub singer, Britt Ekland’s ‘mystery man’ and a caring friend
Scott Tyler
‘Working as an observer in Angola, Tracy became accustomed to sound of gunfire’
Tracy Warnes
MP mourns ‘a good man gone’
Hugh Webster
A great and inspirational director of the National Youth Theatre
Edward Wilson
Author of 50 books who combined aristocratic charm and erudition
Peter Vansittart
Valdar of Hampstead – campaigning journalist

Journalist and ‘foot soldier of the revolution’

Stewart Valdar
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