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Camden New Journal - OBITUARY
Published: 26 November 2009
Scout Tony made organisation inclusive for all

TONY Frais, who died on October 17 aged 85, will be remembered for his outstanding service to the local community.
Tony was educated at Peterborough Lodge Prep School in Hampstead and the Tonbridge School in Kent. > more
Doctor Jerry’s ground-breaking health research
> more
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Mayor’s adviser who transformed St Patrick’s parade
> more
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Holocaust survivor built new life after arriving in UK alone
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Grandmother who was community’s heart and soul
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Camden New Journal - OBITUARIES A - Z

Powerful voice for conservation - SUE Estermann, who has died aged 65, was well known in South Hampstead as chairwoman of an influential conservation group. > more

An educator and a mentor to darts-players and footballers - PAINTER and decorator Tom Greeves, who has died aged 68, was one of Camden’s best darts... > more

Pioneer of dance who taught stars - NICKY Bentley, a dance teacher and choreographer to the stars who worked from a Covent Garden studio for more than... > more

School governor with love of jazz - MARY Wallis-Jones spent a combined total of 63 years sitting on school governing bodies in Camden, inspired by a burning... > more

Lifelong learner who helped others - JOHN Shaw left school when he was 15 to work for the Royal Mail. But he returned to education aged 30, gaining a law degree... > more

Advocate of real journalism who helped launch CNJ - VETERAN journalist and early supporter of the New Journal Irving Oldfield has died, aged 85... > more

A bookseller’s fitting tribute, warts and all - IAN Norrie, Hampstead’s legendary bookseller at the High Hill Bookshop for more than 30 years, who has died... > more

Computer whizz – who didn’t own one - PETER Landin’s kaleidoscopic life can be defined as a constant thirst for new experiences and a quest to continually... > more

Man of fierce logic and inventive puzzle making - ALBIE Fiore – Rubik’s Cube developer, cryptic crossword compiler and editor of the magazine Games and Puzzles... > more

‘Perfectionist’ David was a friend of the stars - DAVID Fairbairn, who has died aged 57 in a car accident, was a chauffeur for numerous well known actors and... > more

Friends’ tributes to Joe Daly, big hearted ‘Clown Number One’ - OFFICIALLY, he was Humphrey J Daly. > more

Frank, great business brain behind launch of the New Journal - FRANK Branston, who helped to found this newspaper in 1982, has died at the age of 70. > more

David, among first to fight for gay rights - HE had fiery red hair, a temper to match and protected Finsbury library’s vinyls with his life. > more

Hidden legacy of a life devoted to helping others - THE former Conservative councillor Huntly Spence, who died last week aged 84, leaves a hidden... > more

Community centre memorial to vision of tenants’ leader - WHEN I learned of the death of Chris Harbon, I realised how privileged I was to have known him. ... > more

Frank played down his wartime horrors - A VILLAGER sneaked past the guards and looked into the pit. Below sat Frank Hallett, an RAF officer who... > more

Green Jacket George, a ‘modern’ man devoted to his wife - GEORGE Ritchie, who has died aged 91, was a quiet, “modern” man from Somers Town who devoted... > more

Sir Henry used legal expertise to fight for needy - CAMPAIGNING lawyer, judge and civil rights activist Sir Henry Hodge, who died last week aged 65... > more

‘Give me a room full of strangers and a G&T’ - DUFFY Marie Aliturki, a popular face in Primrose Hill and Chalk Farm who has died aged 65, was known... > more

Historian, socialist, poet... the many lives of a man from the Bronx - HISTORIAN, economist and poet – Bernie Moss was all three in his lifetime. > more

Jo’s half century serving eels, pie and mash - HER shift started on January 20, 1940, and finished 54 years later. Jo Hanrahan, the cornerstone of ...>more

‘Diana’s stature grew as she began to write her poetry’
- FRIENDS and family of the novelist Diana Raymond gathered last Thursday to celebrate her life. > more

‘Working as an observer in Angola, Tracy became accustomed to sound of gunfire’ - WHEN Tracy Warnes, who died this week aged 64, took a job as a teenager... > more

Unsung legend of the post-war jazz scene - CLAUS Baess, an unsung legend of London’s post-war trad jazz pub scene, has died at the age of 87.>more

Those of us fighting for a just world have lost a valuable ally
- MANY people will know Phil Jeffries as a committed campaigner for the King’s Cross community. > more

The strings fall silent as a guitar legend passes on - WHEN a great man dies, the whole world suffers. But when that man is a personal friend, personal sorrow is... > more

Self-made man with a rich community spirit - WHEN Giannagos “George” Georgiou first arrived in ration-hit London in 1947, it was a different world from the small... > more

Parents remembered carer Lida’s patience and kindness - LIDA Horton, who dedicated her life to the care of children and whose decades of service to Camden babies... > more

Goodnight Irene, friends’ farewell to a ‘great campaigner’ - WHEN she was not fighting for women’s rights or against the treatment of Palestinians... > more

Tories’ youngest-ever face at Town Hall
- WHEN London Transport Museum in Covent Garden was undergoing a facelift, designers modeled the... > more

Author of 50 books who combined aristocratic charm and erudition - HE had the face and stature of a Greek god, the quiet charm and manners of an aristocrat... > more

Activist with key role in rent strike movement - TERRY Heath, who has died aged 74, played a pivotal role as an organiser in the St Pancras rent strikes of the... > more

A child of the revolution who lived by her principles - TAMARA Philipps, later Lady Milford, led an extraordinary life that began in revolutionary Russia and... > more

Charles saved thousands of lives with low-cost medicine - CHARLES Lefton, who has died aged 94, was indirectly responsible improving... > more

Musical biker with a passion for tennis
ANTHONY Rooney was a popular tennis coach in Parliament Hill fields who shared a twin love for music... > more

Communist campaigner who never lost touch
- CAMPAIGNER Hilda Forman, 88, who died on August 12 will be remembered for her... > more

Doctor fought Parkinson’s and apartheid - CECIL Todes, who has died aged 77, was a successful child psychiatrist who fought a long... > more

Head who broke down walls that cut off schools - MICHAEL Marland, who died in Islington last week from cancer, aged 73, was a dangerous... > more

Peace campaigner ‘the sort of person CND was built on’ - FRANCES Brown, who has died aged 97, will be remembered as a founding member of South End...>more

A stalwart of socialism and a man of unshakable principle
- LORD Jock Stallard, one of the great socialist stalwarts of the St Pancras rent strike battles, who went on to... > more

The literary lioness with a penchant for French culture - JOANNA Richardson, one of Hampstead’s literary lionesses, died in the early hours of Friday morning... > more

Doctor healed soldiers’ mental scars - PATRICK De Mare, who has died aged 92, was a psychotherapist whose work helped promote the use of group analysis. > more

A ground-breaking academic - THE life of renowned counsellor and psychologist Ellen Noonan was celebrated at a memorial service in Hampstead on Thursday. > more

A generous, loyal and lovably stubborn press man of principle - PATRICK Breen, journalist and tenants’ leader, has died suddenly at his home in Pancras Road, aged 50. > more

A great and inspirational director of the National Youth Theatre - EDWARD Wilson, the former artistic director of the National Youth Theatre (NYT), has died aged 60. > more

‘One of the old school... and always a gentleman’ - PATRICK Howard, one of 10 sons from a fishing family in County Clare, Ireland, died on New Year’s Eve, aged 75. > more

Pub singer, Britt Ekland’s ‘mystery man’ and a caring friend - FRIENDS and family of a singer and celebrity confidant gathered last Friday to say their final goodbyes. > more

Circus worker, artist and activist - JAMES Shallcross, who has died aged 90, was a tenant activist on the Maiden Lane estate in Camden Town, a lifelong member of the “Old”... > more

Retired publican was ‘a true gent and a one-off character’ - POPULAR pensioner Bertie Clark, who was known to thousands across Camden, has died suddenly. > more

Home front heroine with a passion for singing and travelling - MAUD Hillman, who has died aged 94, will be fondly remembered by the hundreds of friends she made in a... > more

An eclectic talent with unshakeable political beliefs - HELEN Lighthill, who has died aged 70, will be remembered for being an eclectic talent: her interests ranged from... > more

A determined worker with designs on better schools - ARCHITECT Brenda Degerdon will be remembered for her tireless work for schools: she was a governor at Rhyl... > more

Anti-war stalwart searched for peace - VETERAN anti-war campaigner Peggie Pres ton, who has died aged 84, travelled the world on the trail of peace and justice. > more

Lifelong campaigner whose last words were: ‘Live differently’ - PETER Cadogan, who died this week aged 86, will be remembered as a champion of local dem ocracy... > more

Moving farewell for actress who shared stage with stars - SCORES of wellwishers filled Golders Green crematorium last Tuesday to pay tribute to one of the early... > more

Communist Party stalwart who stood up to the far right at polls - JOCK Nicolson, who has died aged 87, will be remembered for his dedication to helping others and... > more

How paving fight turned Olga into real campaigner - OLGA Calnan, who has died aged 76, will be best remembered by people in Camden Town for her tireless work in... > more

Property developer who left his mark on landscape - HAROLD Deco, the property developer who played a key role in changing the living landscape on... > more

Upholder of ideals of liberty and inclusion - MARGARET Little, who has died aged 78, will be remembered for her dedicated service to the people of Hampstead ward... > more
Camden New Journal - OBITUARIES A - Z

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