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Camden New Journal - HEALTH
Published: 3 December 2009
‘Bring back elected patient watchdogs’

As UCLH tops performance table, some are pleading:

WHAT is the best way to rate a hospital?
The Doctor Foster Guide has been the order of the day since the... > more
Dangers of ‘new ecstasy’ ketamine
> more
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Too old to have cyst removed
> more
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Royal Free staff receiving the swine flu vaccine: lead occupational health advisor Kareen Allan, Dr Ian Cropley and Dr Steve Shaw
Flu bug ‘is too clever for scientists’
> more
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Terry Walsh
Man prepares for gruelling desert charity trek
> more
Other Health News

When a rare disease claimed a loved son
A BARBER to the stars is offering bargain haircuts to fund research into an incurable...>more

‘It’s no easy ride for female cyclists’
- FOR prize-winning long-distance cyclist Helen Vecht, the thrill of the hurtling around on...>more

Are we in safe hands with robotic surgeons
- FROM bomb disposal and space exploration to the installation of...>more

Shmeisse massage: it’s like a ‘car wash from heaven!’
- HEALTH clubs and spas have long been championed as basecamps for the battle against aching...>more

Straight talk about erectile dysfunction
- ERECTILE Dysfunction (ED) – where men find they’re unable to achieve or sustain an

AORTIC aneurysms can strike without warning
– in some severe cases rupturing the main artery leading to the heart causing almost instant death...>more

Why ‘sandwiched’ 50-somethings need my support
- HOW do you cope when you need to tell your parent she needs to live in a care home? Or if your sex life has...>more

Women must fight for breastfeeding - MY attitude towards breastfeeding is simple. It is best summed up in the following exchange, which took place shortly after ...>more

Rocked by stroke, Edwyn gets back in studio
- ROCK Star Edwyn Collins is back where he belongs – recording a new album in his West Hampstead studio...>more

Sound advice: War veteran Jack goes into battle to help sufferers of tinnitus - JACK Shapiro wasn’t given any earplugs as a young gunman during the... > more

Mayor tries out ‘checks while you wait’
EVERY day the Mayor of Camden walks for an hour around Talacre Gardens in Kentish Town... > more

Teaching fearful fliers the art of soaring above their phobias
- THE last few seconds onboard the Air France airbus, which nose-dived into the Atlantic... > more

‘SOS therapy saved me from more invasive back treatment’ - AS a young woman, writer Anna Swan developed a curved spine – drawing inevitable... > more

Fear and uncertainty as swine flu sweeps through schools - RAMPANT swine flu claimed dozens more young victims in Camden this week... > more

Little Archie blown away by the flute!
- ARCHIE’S parents have learned a lot about their son since he started music therapy sessions in Gospel Oak... > more

‘We need support – and lots of money!’ - TWO women, we shall call them Margaret and Elizabeth, became close friends... > more

‘Scooter scheme gave me my freedom’
- FOR someone suffering excruciating pain on a daily basis, you wouldn’t expect to find Diana McCleary with a spring in her step. > more

Cancer patients’ American-style ‘hospital hotel’ - CANCER patients in Camden will be treated using the latest scientific research and in a specialist centre based... > more

The Tube? Better to take travelling into work in your stride - THERE are not many of us who would put “within walking distance” at the top of our job search criteria...>more

Brave Alexander is in great shape!
- EVERY expectant couple wants their baby to be perfect... > more

‘Stomach ulcer more painful than childbirth’ - THE man who would later become Thelma Dowsett’s husband fell at her feet – literally. Joe stumbled over in front of ...>more

New unit to treat trauma-stricken returning troops -
ANDY McNab’s world was turned upside down after returning home from the first Gulf War. The former SAS ...>more

Royal Free in bid to become one of city’s major trauma centres -
A MASSIVE shake-up of accident and emergency services in London could see the Royal ...>more

‘Machiavellian tactics’ on NHS vote -
MEMO to all mental health staff: please could you refrain from name-checking controversial figures of antiquity...>more

‘Doctors told me I’d never have children’
- SHE endured three miscarriages and was told by medical experts she should forget about ever having children... > more

‘Xtra black donors would reduce long waiting list’ - THE top surgeon due to carry out a kidney transplant on the mother of X Factor winner Alexandra... > more

‘My life been has changed... I’m a new kind of mum now’ - TWO years ago Bernadette Otesanya, a 45-year-old mother of three and wife of 15 years to Ricky... > more

Drug decision could claim patients’ lives - LAST week the Camden New Journal reported David Rodgers’ skirmish with his Primary Care Trust for the ...>more

Pink power: Depot’s charity bid makes a clean sweep
STREET sweepers and tea ladies at the council’s waste management depot in Kentish... > more

Lost in the system: my two weeks in hospital
BEFORE anything else, let me pay tribute to the staff at the Royal Free Hospital, in Hampstead... > more

Napalm, bugs and the ‘clean disease’
- DON’T panic, but as you read this article trillions of little bacteria bugs are crawling over your body.You could try and scrub them...>more

Go ahead and jump!
IT takes guts to do a parachute jump. Strong men would quail at the very thought. But this summer Alex Cowan did it. She is small and fragile...>more

Big problem: ‘It’s a disease of civilisation’
- PROFESSOR Alberic Fiennes, head of the one-year-old specialist obesity unit at University College London Hospital...>more

I was basically dead... It was an incredibly scary diagnosis’ - WHETHER it was scuba-diving in Australia or climbing Scottish mountains, Debbie Reader has always ...>more

Liver clinic makes treating patients a smoother operation - BRENDON Burnaby’s skin has turned yellow. > more

Lenny plays guinea pig in bid to beat epilepsy
WHEN neighbours of Hampstead art historian Professor Lee Johnson tried to understand... > more

‘I thought everyone could beat cancer’
- AT 43 years old Mik Scarlett represents a scientific anomaly. > more

French revolutions in Paris charity ride
CONTROVERSY surrounding the rationing of drug treatments on the NHS is brought into sharp... > more

‘I am excited and a little bit nervous – but I’m a pioneering spirit!’
A FASHION designer from Kentish Town is the world’s first leukaemia patient to... > more

Surviving without the ‘high priests of modern voodoo’
WHEN Terence MacManus sat down with a consultant at the Royal Free hospital... > more

‘Giving blood is a privilege’
- THE scar tissue in the crook of Angela Litchfield’s right arm – a testament to 30 years of giving blood – is not the only... > more

Stroke victim sings the praises of coach who helps restore speech
JOURNALIST and stroke patient Jean-Dominique Dauby spoke volumes... > more

‘I had a disability and realised that I just had to get on with my life’
DEBBIE Ensor is hoping for a medical breakthrough but in the meantime... > more

Avis Hutt shares her birthday with the NHS
WHEN health minister Aneurin Bevan argued in parliament for a national health service... > more

Parkinson’s sufferers are in full voice!
SINCE Nina Temple was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease seven years ago her whole life has been... > more

Remembering little Aranyika and the pain of stillbirth
EACH May that goes by reminds Anwesha Arya that baby Aranyika would be a year older...>more

‘I fought back from the brink with diabetes’
STRUGGLING with mental health problems, Colin Findlay developed a dependency on the worst kinds... > more

A voice for issues of mental health
A NEW magazine aims to do for depression and mental health problems what the Big Issue has... > more

Camden | Health | Epilepsy sufferer Sari Huttunen | Family doctor | Finland
STILL raw from the mysterious death of her husband, Sari Huttunen’s... > more

Speaking out boldly about stammering -
PUBLIC speaking might seem like a daunting prospect for anybody who has stammered since childhood... > more

Kicking off a young child’s future- PROVIDING children with the best start in life is a concern for every parent but if your child has cerebral palsy, keeping them ...>more

An eating disorder is not just physical
- IN London, with pizzerias, curry houses, and even health food stores on every street corner, the desire to indulge is easily...>more

‘I’m stronger, I’ve learned to ask for things - ELAINE Purcell is used to being stoical in the face of adversity. As a child she suffered from chest infections and ...>more

The disabled are suffering because of the Town Hall
- DISABLED people in Camden face an increasingly difficult day-to-day struggle to lead their lives... > more

‘Anorexics can win food battle’ - ANOREXIA is an illness that provokes strong reactions. But when it comes to treatment the options are underwhelming... > more

Attitudes to casual sex bring syphilis back with vengeance-
THE sexually transmitted disease syphilis was confined to the history books in the 1980s and ...>more

Changing our perceptions of ‘disabled’ art
When Niall Cullen was diagnosed with Moyamoya syndrome at just three years old he was too young to grasp ...>more

Smart technology to battle the MRSA bug- AN infection-resistant telephone dreamt up by brains at University College London Hospital could save the NHS millions of ...>more

Life expectancy lowest in capital
- MEN in St Pancras and Somers Town have the lowest life expectancy in any ward in London, a study into the state of the health ...>more

Defenders of homoeopathy take on PCT - AN angry group of patients turned out in force to protest against the possible closure of the Royal London Homoeopathic ...>more

Wellcome to a world of sleep and dreams - CONSIDERING we spend a third of our lives horizontal, wrapped in our duvets counting sheep, there is an awful lot we... > more

Success of speech therapy says it all - CAN you imagine waking up one morning to find out that you can no longer speak? You can’t have a natter on the telephone... > more

The plucky violinist fighting cancer - IN 1999 George Holt was told he only had five years to live because a rare form of cancer was ravaging his body. > more

More than a shot in the dark - WOODY Allen once made a comedy about a blind film director, and to most people it probably sounds like a joke... > more

‘Scandal’ of diabetes patients who are put at risk of blindness
- DIABETES patients in the borough are being put at risk of blindness because they... > more

Understanding a rare and crippling disease - A LEADING doctor has called for greater understanding of the rare and crippling disease Ataxia. Dr Paola Giunti, a ...>more

Royal Free trials for cancer treatments
- TREATMENT times for breast cancer patients could be slashed after a raft of new techniques went on trial this month at the... > more

‘I feel I’m getting my child back’ - TODDLER Noli Tebe was a chatty child until she was struck down with a potentially fatal virus on Christmas Eve. While other families ...>more

Internet encouter saves woman's life
- WHEN Megan Radclyffe first met her future partner online, she had no idea the encounter would save her life. Now...>more

A healthy hospital needs more than medical staff
I HAVE lived in the shadow of the Royal Free Hospital for many years, though until earlier this year... > more

Victory for chemist’s as chain pulls out of move
- AN independent chemist’s shop is celebrating after a pharmacy chain withdrew plans for a rival store just a... > more

Sparring against the odds - AHMED Ali had ambitions to become a competitive boxer. But as he was gearing up to take part in his first fight, aged... > more

Emergency op saves plucky priest - HE is the plucky priest best known for camping on his church roof in a bid to rescue it from ruin. > more

Child care website for parents -
CHILD patient care was given a welcome booster with the launch of a website dedicated to parents’ health concerns... > more

Dr Clare points way ahead with needle-free treatment
NEEDLES could become a thing of the past after a Royal Free scientist won charity funding... > more

‘Chemical cosh’ is not a cure-all
DOCTORS must avoid relying on drugs to treat people with schizophrenia, a leading Highgate writer has claimed. > more

Can spiritual healing help fight cancer?
CLAIMS that spiritual healing can benefit seriously ill patients are to be tested by researchers at University... > more

Comic hosts benefit to help keep babies smiling
TOP comedy presenter Wayne Saunders never forgot the wonderful life-saving care his two young... > more

Maggots used to save leg from amputation
MAGGOTS, honey and pills saved health journalist Michael van Straten from his greatest fear – losing a leg... > more

‘Kylie going through it at the same time made it easier’
WHEN Jem Reeves passes joggers on the canal towpath she feels compelled to stop them. > more

‘I stopped going out because I had MRSA’ -
WHEN 75-year-old Patricia Quaill was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer, she was determined... > more

Pioneer beat death sentence
CAMDEN Town now houses, at 10 Parkway, the HQ of a rather remarkable organisation, Diabetes UK,,. > more

Big Frank and the big heart op:
FORMER health secretary and current Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras, Frank Dobson, has spoken for the first time... > more

Pupils set off to conquer Mt Everest
A GROUP of children are to travel to Mount Everest later this month as part of a ground-breaking study i nto treatments for... > more

On your bike – friends tell retiring Colin -
THE retirement party of a senior Royal Free Hospital manager had an unexpected twist when staff told him to get on... > more

Janet launches group for carers who no one listens to
LIFE was relatively ordinary for trainee psychotherapist Janet Love until her son became mentally ill while... > more

All eyes on the Queen as she opens Moorfields kids’ centre
LARGE crowds gathered on Friday morning to see the Queen as she officially opened a new... > more

Campaign to save the homeopathic hospital
A NUTRITIONAL activist who claims she saved the NHS half a million pounds by changing her diet is... > more

Media baron eyes up specialist centre
-A SPECIALIST eye centre for children opened for business yesterday (Wednesday) > more

‘How I beat the inner demons of anorexia’
- EXPERIENCING the horrors of apartheid South Africa at the age of eight, Matthew Campling sought refuge in food. > more

Fears over homeopathic hospital’s future in NHS
- EUROPE’S largest homeopathic hospital could be forced to close if Primary Care Trusts continue to... > more

We need a peak-time pass to get to hospital, says gran
- GREAT-grandmother Lucy Day is behind a new campaign to force bus companies and Transport... > more

Gene scan ‘to predict chances of getting ill’
- NERVOUS hypochondriacs will want to steer clear of a new private clinic at Bart’s Hospital which is able to predict... > more

Facing new year without hair taught me a valuable lesson
- ON Christmas Day 2005, Dr Sarah Burnett woke up to find that her hair had started to fall out... > more


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