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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 6 December 2007
Penny-pinching on pensioners is taking a cheap shot at elderly

Saving money by handing services for the elderly to the private sector sells our most vulnerable residents short, writes Sally Gimson

MRS C has lived in Camden... > more
In praise of the health service, if not its food!
> more

spacerspacer Letters
To get things right we have to listen to people
> more
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British Library site shame
> more

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A caretaker’s job is more than changing light bulbs
> more
Brown’s British Library site decision is a scandal

NOW you see it, now you don’t!
In the summer Gordon Brown pledged a great housing programme for the nation, promising to build on every brownfield site.
While cynics wondered whether there would be enough sites... > more

Centralisation of policing to hit 999 response times
- DESPITE claims to the contrary, there can be little doubt that the Metropolitan Police’s “Asset... > more

A history of low-flying aircraft
- IN the 1960s it was a regular complaint among local Hampstead residents with professional knowledge of aircraft that... > more

Flood of geriatric patients is upon us
- I WOULD like to add one or two things to Rose Hacker’s article (With help we can learn to live again, November 22). > more

Take a look at the skatepark’s opening hours
- I USE the recently completed world class skateboard facility in Cantelowes Gardens, Camden Road... > more

Head first
- YET another closure of the children’s pool at Swiss Cottage swimming baths, for 10 days this time. > more

Chop chop
- WEAPONS of mass destruction are truly in the hands of Regent’s Park contractors; the hedges forming the entire length of the park... > more

- I WOULD like to mark the contribution that Brenda Degerdon, who has passed away this week, made to Rhyl Primary and other... > more

Graceless station art
- I HAD my first glass of champagne at St Pancras International last Wednesday and no one could fail to be immensely impressed... > more

Raise revenue with an immediate tax on the throw-away plastic shopping bag
- THANKS for the letter Mayor Livingstone (Take action now to... > more

Mosque open day a great success
- WE congratulate the King’s Cross Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre on the successful community open day. > more

More care for some!
- MY neighbour, who is elderly, infirm and housebound, has recently been assessed and, along with other unfortunates whose... > more

Park fight
- CAN I urge readers to support the protest – on Sunday morning – against the proposed development of just under five acres of Regent’s... > more

Pupils’ loss
- I WAS surprised to see a councillor citing “Camden’s historical shortage of school places” as a reason for supporting the building of an... > more

Heath view
- WITH regret, your article “Protest as Heath car park ticket jumps 50 per cent” (November 29) was misleading. > more

Party debts
- PERHAPS all party members, supporters and their cohorts who are not household names before entering the political arena... > more


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