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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 29 November 2007
Deterrence, not destruction, is the answer to our urban foxes

Following a spate of alleged attacks by foxes on domestic cats in Gospel Oak, John Bryant explains ways of living in harmony with ‘Basil Brush’

FOXES have been breeding... > more
Heath could do without the ‘Heathrow’ effect
> more

spacerspacer Letters
The mentally ill are not ‘others’ to be ignored
> more
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‘Failure over new school
> more

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Too many deputations for a listening council?
> more
Politicians should steer clear of the money

IT could have been predicted in the early 1990s that one day a Labour government would be on the run.
Their bete noir can be summed up in one word – money.Labour’s big boys simply swoon at the sight of plenty of dosh! > more

Devastation and suffering in Bangladesh
- AS reported in the Camden New Journal (Ex-mayor has goal of helping Bangladesh, November 22), I am leading...> more

Foxes may be handsome, but think of the tortoises - SOME animal lovers may welcome the intrusion of foxes into our urban environment for sentimental reasons. > more

Borough police deserve our praise - I AM pleased you highlighted the recent inspection of Camden police, though it was disappointing that your article... > more

A not-in-my-backyard element to 393 bus debate
- IT is pleasant to take a glance at the letters section and find a few Route 393 supporters, especially one... > more

Database madness
- WHEN, not if, the projected ID cards database is leaked, it will make the HM Revenue & Customs scandal seem trivial. > more

Poor taste!
- THE normally tasteful Clare Latimer referred to her trip to Norfolk and the road kill lining her path: “there were the usual foxes, badgers... > more

- PERHAPS your correspondent, Mr Walton, (Fish in Heath ponds live to fight another day, November 15) sees the author of The Compleat Angler... > more

- I AM glad that the council has, after some consideration, accepted that it was at fault for the untimely and unnecessary death of Ralph ‘Barney’... > more

Question mark over Heritage
- I READ the Forum article by Paddy Pugh, English Heritage’s director of London region, on Smithfield Market with... > more

Champion for cyclists
- YOU have reported the appointment of Councillor Paul Braithwaite as Camden’s Cycling Champion – or was it czar?... > more

Take action now to cut out the wasteful use of plastic bags
- IT is a worrying statistic that each week Londoners and visitors to our capital use more than 37... > more

Parking and pregnancy
- I HAVE to write in response to the “poor” woman with the parking problem (The walk to school can prove an impossibility... > more

Main line pollution
- THE removal of the last remnants of the steam engine age has been washed off St Pancras station, the soot and grime a thing... > more

Greetings campaign
- AS people start to put together the greetings card list this year, I would like to ask readers of the New Journal to add one or two... > more

Forum date
- I UNDERSTAND that Gospel Oak Tory councillors will be coming to Queen’s Crescent Community Centre on December 5 at 7.30pm to hold an... > more


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