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FORUM - Opinion in the CNJ
Published: 22 November 2007
It was right to reverse plans to ban the soup-run social lifeline

Anjana Ghosh of Food For All explains the importance of reaching out to marginalised people through soup-run and education schemes

THE recent decision taken by the London Councils to drop plans to... > more
It’s legal to eat and take a cab with my guide dog
> more

spacerspacer Letters
Who cares how the old and vulnerable suffer?
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‘Best practice’ policing
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The walk to school can prove an impossibility
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The listening council with its ears closed to voters

NOT listening was a charge often levelled at the Labour councillors who once governed the council. The story goes: they didn’t listen over housing; they didn’t listen over parking – and when they stopped listening on nearly everything else, they were booted out of the Town Hall.
The Liberal Democrat and Conservative coalition seemed to have been well-versed in this fable when it came to power, claiming to be a “listening council”... > more

Misery of means-testing and cost-cutting
- THE frail and vulnerable adults living in Camden with help of domiciliary support never dreamed that... > more

The Ballroom and what’s acceptable for the area
- I WOULD like to reassure last week’s letter writers that Camden Council has not made a decision to... > more

Venue to fight for
- AS a professional musician, living locally, one of the reasons I came to Camden was because of its live music history. > more

In praise of urban foxes
- I FEEL an urgent need to put straight Ms Andrea Taylor (Urban foxes almost killed my cat– it’s time to act, November 8). > more

And what if a cat killed a bird?
- WE read with dismay, incredulity and finally amusement the letter Andrea Taylor’s letter (Urban foxes almost killed my cat... > more

Our housing faces sell-offs and cuts
- I READ Jo Shaw’s letter (Heading for a crisis, November 15) – of course, Camden’s tenants and residents... > more

The 393 bus route gave me a real feeling of liberation
- I SEE that the campaign against the 393 bus in Leighton Road continues with some hope of success... > more

A ticket for visiting his mother
- HOW petty can things get? > more

Train to take strain
- THOSE of us who regularly use the North London Line will welcome the new Overground service run by Transport for London... > more

Art a suitable case for treatment
- BREAKFAST porridge here was much strengthened by your paper’s news that the Middlesex Hospital’s monumental... > more

Signature on a score
- I CAN cap the story of my best friend Hugh Wood’s “doorstepping” the great composer Vaughan Williams for his autograph (Composer... > more

Who needs to get a flat?
- I AGREE with Carol Carter, MD for Circle 33 Housing Association, that there may be properties that are unsuitable... > more

An opening tribute…
- IT is very good to see the opening up of the hardware store Goodwoods in Swains Lane, replacing the recently closed Cavour’s. > more

Messing around with garden friends
- THOSE poor people at Talacre should be given Town Green status for their precious local park (Friends demand a... > more

Fish in Heath ponds live to fight another day
- HAVING fished the ponds on the Heath for the past 40 years I have read with interest the stories of fish captures... > more

Available – £200m now
- THERE is currently £200 million available from the government as part of its Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme for... > more

Action on library site
- I ATTENDED the demonstration held at Camden Town Hall on Monday November 5 over the sale of public land behind the British... > more


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