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Islington Tribune - by ROISIN GADELRAB
Published: 22 May 2009

Patrick Walden with his own guitar, Michael Potten and Daniel Pozzebon with Drew McConnell’s guitars and Ameer El Eryan with Pete Doherty’s guitar
Babyshambles’ noise helps kids create music

Former band member offers free workshops in return for his guitar back

THEY have been known for their chaotic onstage performances but this week Babyshambles’ hellraising antics served a good purpose.
The band’s equipment – seized by Islington’s “noise police” – has been donated to a Finsbury music project for young people.
When a lively show at the now defunct Duke of Clarence pub off Essex Road four years ago proved too much for neighbours, Islington officials seized their equipment – three amps, two guitars, bass, speaker, melodica
and a harmonica all belonging to Pete Doherty’s band.
Now, the equipment is being donated to EC1 Music Project in Old Street, where young people aged from eight to 19 will be able to make use of them.
The former Babyshambles player Patrick Walden has struck a deal with the music project, promising free music workshops in return for his Fender Jazzmaster, 1967.
Patrick Walden helped two teenagers – Joshua Bonotan and Daniel Pozzebon – develop a song from a riff.
He said: “I’m happy to be involved with the project. I was trying to bring them out of their shell a bit and develop it into a tune.
“We’re going to come out with a very simple recording of a punk rock song. I’ve been introduced to some very nice people.”
Islington assistant director for public protection, Jan Hart, said: “We don’t often confiscate equipment like this, but there was little choice in this case.
“It was the only way of stopping the nuisance to our neighbours, which is our top priority. Now it’s going to a good home and will help young people just starting out with music.”
Council noise officers have powers to seize noise-making equipment under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Noise Act 1996.
Between April 2008-March 2009 they dealt with 4,996 complaints.
The most common complaints were about loud music and noise from parties.

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Thank god Patrick finally got his guitar back! I know he missed it!!!


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