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Islington Tribune - by ROISIN GADELRAB
Published: 6 February 2009

Promoter Clifton Bryan: ‘When you see over-30s nights advertised you assume they are for old fogeys’
Clifton’s mission: to reclaim clubbing scene for over-30s

Promoter behind launch spent four years in bed after horrific road crash

HE once toured the world as a backing dancer for kitsch pop band Erasure, spent nearly four years in bed after a horrific motorcycle accident and is saving up to make a supernatural feature film.
Now, after spending a decade regaining his memory following his road crash, Elbow Room promotions man Clifton Bryan is on a mission to help save women over 30 from “feeling old”.
Mr Bryan is launching a night at the venue in Chapel Market, Angel, where those aged 30 to 45 will be able to reclaim the clubbing scene without feeling like the oldest people in the room.
He said: “There’s almost a reticence to say your age, specially with women over 30. When you see over-30s nights advertised you assume they are for old fogeys. If you look on the internet, they are usually for the decrepit, the divorced. It’s for the stretchmark brigade.
“The beauty about women in their 30s is that they know exactly what they want. There’s no game playing. It’s for people who just want to go out and meet men and not boys.”
The night is about more than matchmaking. Clubbers will be able to network through a massing mailing list of 10,000 over-30s he hopes to set up.
Members will be able to publicise their businesses and seek help with start-ups.
He said: “Try and start a business on your own and see how difficult the world makes it. I want to show people there’s a better way to do business.”
He added: “When you’re in your 30s you’re running your own business or you have kids. I don’t want you to be concerned about money.
“I want people to know they can pay £5 to get in, spend £5 on a couple of shots and have a great night.”
Mr Bryan, who is raising money for a film he is working on, had a colourful life until his road accident.
After a spell as a dancer for Erasure, he tried songwriting but soon realised he was the “world’s worst rapper”.
He then turned to scriptwriting but gave that up after an encounter with a particularly critical actress.
He said: “I dedicated the next 15 years to being a very good film-maker.”
While studying film, he worked as a bouncer, then began promoting club nights.
On his way to an event at a club in Soho, a car knocked him 50 metres off his motorbike in Camden.
He spent the next four years mainly in bed as hundreds of steel pins in his legs made walking almost impossible. But he did get back on his feet and has since fought to regain his badly-damaged memory.
“I lost 80 per cent of my memory but now it’s improved to what it was,” he said.
After a brief spell selling used cars he returned to promotions work. Now, as well as the over-30s nights, he has plans for salsa evenings.
l 10,000 over-30s begins tonight (Friday) at the Elbow Room, in Chapel Market.

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