Richard Cobden statue in Mornington Crescent is prank victim

Published: September 15, 2011

IT is the first stunt in a prankster’s cookbook.

Ingredients: One traffic cone. One bottle of beer. One iconic statue.

Recipe: Place traffic cone and bottle of beer on iconic statue.

The timeless tomfoolery of putting traffic cones where they shouldn’t be seen has come to Mornington Crescent with poor old Richard Cobden the victim.

The statue in honour of the 19th-century peace campaigner took on a wizard-like look this week when jokers scaled the monument to add some orange and white headgear – and an empty bottle of beer. The cone remained untouched for several days.

The most famous example  of “coning” is played out in Glasgow where a statue of the Duke of Wellington outside the city’s Gallery of Modern Art is regularly attacked.


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