Keener focus on bin laden with litter

The weekend saw the bin hit ‘BinCon1’

West Hampstead’s BinCam claims victory as rubbish is collected three times in one week

Published: October 13, 2011

WEST Hampstead’s one-man battle against fly-tippers has claimed its first victory.

William Robertson, who has set up a 24-hour live feed of a bin in ­Fawley Road, called “BinCam, West Hampstead”, has succeeded in getting Camden Council to visit the bin on three occasions in one week for the first time in recent memory.

The bin was emptied as normal on Friday but heavy fly-tipping over the weekend saw BinCam recording the mess deteriorating to BinCon1 – the worst bin rating the website awards.

On Monday, in an unprecedented move according to those following the piles of mess which often surround the bin, a council employee turned up to tidy up the worst excesses of rubbish that had built up around the bin over the weekend.

And on Tuesday the bin was emptied a full three days before collection day. Mr Robertson wrote: “This is the first time Bin HQ has witnessed an emptying on any day except Friday.

“Certainly a welcome development – most welcome indeed.

“It would have been even better if they had tidied up the cardboard box and the gigantic cling-film thing next to the bin too, but never mind. Maybe next week.”

Inspired to set up the feed as a way to expose rubbish dumpers and celebrate bin heroes, the website records the state of the council-owned bin.

Mr Robertson is delighted Camden have decided to act. He said: “I’m certain that Camden council has seen the blog – we have never had a collection on any other day than a Friday and suddenly we have had three in a week.

“Obviously its great for me and this one West Hampstead bin, but there are thousands of poorly-kept bins across Camden. BinCam is only one bin. I have a friend who lives in Kilburn who is having problems with his bin and the council did a one-off collection and never came back.

“I hope that the BinCam bin is kept tidier for the long term.”

Although the website has received some criticism for “spying” on the road, other people spotted on the footage this week have included passers-by stopping to look up and give a friendly wave at the camera. See what is happening at BinCam right now at­

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