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Event - Left-winger Tariq Ali's talk at Burgh House

TARIQ Ali, the famous firebrand left-wing protester of the 1960s, is coming to Burgh House in Hampstead next week. He still has strong opinions, as reflected by these two trenchant quotes: “The only acceptable solution in the Middle East is a single state for Jews and Palestinians alike, in which the exactions of Zionism are repaired. There is no other way.”
“It is an undoubtedly foolish decision by Washington, backed by Britain, to send more troops to Afghanistan.”
Today Mr Ali, who lives in Highgate, is an acclaimed historian and commentator. He is one of the editors of the New Left Review, and author of more than a dozen books, the most recent of which is The Protocols of the Elders of Sodom and Other Essays (Verso). This month he was awarded the prestigious Granadillo prize for his series of novels known as The Islam Quartet.
In the past few months alone he has given speeches in America, Qatar, France, Germany, Iceland, Spain and Scotland. Now he is coming to Burgh House, in New End Square, Hampstead, to take part in one of their Lifelines interviews on Thursday January 21 at 7.30pm.
Tickets are £12 and can be obtained from Burgh House on 0207 431 0144. Early booking advised. 


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