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Brookfield Primary School pupils say 'Science is fun!'

Naveed and David Wahedy.

Published: 20 October 2011

FORGET boring diagrams on a dreary-looking chalk board. The new approach to science at Brookfield School in Highgate involves building marshmallow towers and watching magic tricks with a scientific twist.

An evening event on Thursday – part of the Highgate Newtown primary’s science week – saw more than 400 children and parents get together to turn the school into one big science laboratory.

David Wahedy, 5, and his brother Naveed, 8, used plastic cups and string to create their own telephone. Naveed said: “I’m going to make one at home. We can talk when we’re meant to be asleep by using this phone.”

Yuusuf Cosmann, whose children Sahra, 9, and Anas, 7, attend the school, said the evening showed that science can be fun.
Ms Cosmann added: “It shows that you can be practical with learning and it doesn’t have to be all about books.”
Pictured are Naveed and David Wahedy.


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