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Battle lines drawn over Hawley Wharf 'carbuncle'

Published: 20 October 2011

BATTLE lines are being drawn over a development which could change the face of Camden Town.
Stanley Sidings, the company which owns and manages Camden Lock Markets, has lodged a planning application for new restaurants, shops, work units, a cinema and homes at Hawley Wharf market and Hawley Road.
But people who have sat on the Hawley Wharf Working Group for four years feel their input has been ignored. Architect Peter Clapp, a working group member, said the scheme was a “massive disappointment”. 
He said: “It has got considerably worse in a number of respects since we last saw the drawings. Every single opportunity has been lost.

This should be a site where we could anticipate a future RIBA Award, but it is more likely to be the Carbuncle Award.”

He added that, at a meeting of the working group on Tuesday, a vote on the development was virtually unanimous in throwing it out. 



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