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This proposed line will do untold damage to communities and wildlife sites that nobody seems to care about.The promise of a few trees does not begin to address.The area on the outskirts of Birmingham may not be the most beautiful to look at now ,but it will be a nightmare to live in.This project would have quietly been put forward had it not been for a few ,who happened to be in living in the Chiltens who bought it to the notice of the rest of ares affected.So when we asked questions all we got as an answer was You are Nimbies.Then we had road shows,when we asked questions we got 'I dont know for answers.This huge project that will cost the taxpayers a
vast amount of money when schools and hospitals need upgrading.When the elderly and disabled are suffering cut backs.They havent done the reasearch to check what damage it will do to the water tables in the chalk.!
The amount of co2 used in construction of this monstosity would not even make its running carbon neutral for a very long time.It will not cut flight travel as there is not a service from London to Birmingham infact there was talk that it would encourage people to trael on it to Birmingham to fill empty capacity.Please look carefully behind the facard of the shiney new toy and see that the costs do not add up favourably.


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