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Dixon harassment claims - Police pledge to take serious look at issues

Supt Raj Kohli

Published: 08 September 2011

CAMDEN police superintendent Raj Kohli has said he will meet the family to discuss their worries. 
He added: “I would like to meet with Terry and discuss issues regarding policing.

I have been actively trying to speak to people who have been involved in inappropriate gang behaviour. May I stress not all gang behaviour is inappropriate – it is not illegal to hang around with your friends – but it is inappropriate if it leads to acts of criminality or anti-social behaviour.

“We want to understand issues regarding policing and young people and foster better relations. If Terry and his family will meet with us, we will seriously look into the issues they raise and act on them. 
“The vast majority of my colleagues – many of whom were rarely home during most of August – work hard and professionally. Anyone who does not, can expect to be spoken to and guided as to how to work better.
“We still have challenges following the disorder and we will attempt to address these matters. There  are some tensions that remain in the Gospel Oak and Haverstock area following incidents that pre-date the August events.”
Supt Kohli added that officers would continue to use stop-and-search tactics, but were increasing visits to schools and youth clubs and were funding youth workers. 
He said: “Part of our policing will include using section 60 searches and the use of intelligence for the execution of warrants. 
“When warrants are executed, sometimes we find nothing, sometimes we find something. Sometimes our timing is wrong, but sometimes we do make mistakes when we have been given incorrect information.”


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