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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 3 December 2009
Stand up to cyclists!

• WEDNESDAY at around 8.30am, on the towpath between the two road bridges near The Constitution pub, three cyclists were speeding south, jockeying for position, when they encountered another cyclist who appeared suddenly from under the bridge speeding in the opposite direction.
One cyclist mounted the verge and another looked close to attempting water skiing.
I was only yards away from an eight-year-old schoolboy who found himself, literally, in the middle of this dangerous speed race, his having walked on to the verge to avoid these cycling louts only to find them cycling on both sides around him.
Split seconds determined that luck was on everyone’s side. 
No one was hurt and all was over in a flash. 
But the foul language and shouting of the cyclists, who saw it all going possibly nasty, were an indication that they need to slow down and cycle responsibly.
The authorities seem to pay little attention to this menace of cycling on footpaths and towpaths.
It is time our cycling Mayor of London Boris Johnson took action.
If he does not, I will take action: increasingly I will not move out of the way of these cycling louts if they appear not to be giving way to pedestrians.
Enough is enough.
Lester May
Reachview Close, NW1

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