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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 3 December 2009
Loving Camden?

• IT would seem that Camden is spending our money on publishing, printing and delivering a shopping catalogue entitled Relax, shop local.
I believe most people think we receive enough adverts, take-away menus, leaflets, taxi firm cards through our doors without paying for one ourselves through public money.
Just like the last Camden publication I received, this one repeatly tells me to “Love Camden” while completely omitting areas like Gospel Oak that are an important part of Camden.
Liberal Democrat /Tory run Camden clearly have their favoured areas and favoured shops and will continue to highlight them while ignoring everywhere else.
When asked how shops were chosen, whether the council charged to advertise and who selected the areas that were highlighted, Camden remained silent.
The current administration seem quite content to waste our money on advertising while telling us we will be charged higher fees for services we rely on.
Why should we pay higher fees when the council is throwing our money away constructing slogans and then pasting them all across Camden?
“Love Camden” and Relax, Shop Local don’t do anything to alleviate the costs of the recession for families.
The “easyCouncil” has arrived in Camden and the realisation for many families is that the more services you use the more you will pay.
Ask yourselves if you want to be pay more for school meals, libraries, meals on wheels and sporting activities.
But don’t be disgusted just “Love Camden”.
Sean Birch
Elizabeth Mews, NW3

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