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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 3 December 2009
The Church followers come from far and wide

• AFTER all the bad publicity that The Church [a weekly party event at the Forum music venue in Kentish Town] has received during the last week I feel the need to speak out in its defence.
I have attended regularly The Church since it started in Hammersmith in 1979 and am now its oldest member.
I know that occasionally we get the odd idiots who lark around and shame the rest of the congregation but in the 30 years I have attended I have not seen one fight.
Why? Because of the manager, Julian and his professional staff.
If there is a sniff of trouble they are there to attend and quieten it immediately.
At the end of the day the doormen walk everyone down the street to the tube and ensure that there are carriages free for non-attenders who do not wish to be in the carriages that we are in.
The vast majority of the attendees do not go to get falling-down drunk but to catch up with old friends and meet new ones from far and wide and most of all enjoy ourselves.
A few years ago I took my son on a round-the-world trip and was amazed that people in Hawaii and San Francisco had heard of The Church and wanted to pay a visit.
I will follow The Church wherever it goes as I’m sure a lot of others will too. So to all those that want rid of us I say: “I don’t think so.” We will continue rocking with The Church... We love you.
Eileen Hillan
Camden Town

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