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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 3 December 2009
A victory in fight for NHS

• THE climb-down by NHS Camden over their plans for a private company to run a new doctors’ surgery in Euston gives us all an opportunity to say how we would really like to see our local GP services improved.
It is an important blow for people power!
Thanks are due to everyone who signed the petitions, came to meetings and joined the lobbies and demonstrations.
We have made our voices heard against the drive to let our National Health Service be taken over bit by bit multi-national companies.
Many local politicians have supported our campaign.
But as the election approaches, it is not good enough to try to win our votes over health or housing or education, at the same time as the national parties carry on with the same old privatisation plans.
In fact it gets even worse.
In the face of recession and growing unemployment you might hope we would be hearing election promises about how much should be spent on employing our young people to provide the services we need.
Instead politicians have been competing to say how much they will cut public spending.  
The threat to close the accident and emergency department at the Whittington hospital looks like it might be just the tip of an iceberg.
We have been saying that if they can find billions to bail out the banks, they can find the money so that we don’t have to pay for their economic mess.
But we know that won’t happen without a fight.
Our little victory in Camden can give us heart that it is possible to win if we stick together.
Candy Udwin
Chair Camden Keep Our NHS Public Campaign

In times of need

• I AM pleased to read the Euston super surgery has been shelved.
With huge cuts in the NHS services planned for the next few years it remains my view London needs four large NHS trusts, north, south, east and west each providing services for two million residents.
If north London has one primary care trust, one general hospital, one mental health trust, millions of pounds will be saved in duplicated costs.
The residents of north london will have an improved service. Owing to the fragmented NHS many people are turning to alternative therapies.
But in times of urgent need good NHS services must be available.
John Sturman, Enfield

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