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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 26 November 2009
Proposals to demolish estate

• COUNCILLOR Chris Naylor has not been paying attention (Debate on estate, November 19).
Widespread demolition has been proposed for Maiden Lane estate by his own party.
The very opinion-sampling he rejoices in is what has, in fact, been discredited.
He comforts himself with the knowledge that an exhibition about this demolition has taken place but ignores the fact that only 20 out of 800 people turned up to see it.
At present Open Communities is going around the estate after dark with clipboards pestering people about the demolition of their neighbours’ homes.
The way in which this “survey” is being conducted would have any decent polling organisation, such as Gallup or ICM, up in arms at the systematic bias in the sampling protocol.
Only a electoral returning officer in Afghanistan could love the way the “survey” is being conducted.
The Save All Our Homes campaign calls for fairness and transparency.
What part of the word “vote” does Cllr Naylor not understand?
Dr Peter Preston
Save All Our Homes Campaign


• THREE years ago Councillor Chris Naylor was left in charge of council housing.
Homelessness has increased to 18,000 and council housing stock has been sold off.
More exasperation is planned by demolitions and increased sell-offs. This, of course, means a deluge of council tenants going back on the waiting list.
Flushing out the people living on the Maiden Lane estate, the Gospel Oak area, Holly Lodge and elsewhere in the borough will soon push the homeless to more than 20,000.
Five years ago, the council tenants of Camden voted to remain council tenants.
In the realm of council housing that is the will of the people.
The principle of democracy is the will of the people.
The first duty of elected representatives is to carry out that will. Cllr Naylor doesn’t even respect it.
I think it’s time to say goodbye.
RD Warren
Broadfield Lane, NW1

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