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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 26 November 2009
Why has this centre for our community been left to rot?

• FOR around nine years I have been playing bridge at the St Pancras Community Centre in Camden Street on most Friday evenings.
These years have seen a steady deterioration in the condition of the building, which was desperately poor even when I first saw it.
Just a quick glance at the front doors suggests how bad things are. Inside conditions are even worse. In the toilets area tiles are bulging from the walls, and some have vanished, revealing clear evidence, to this amateur, of significant rising damp.
So far as I can tell the only significant expenditure in recent years has been on the kitchen in the main hall and on new chairs. That is akin to papering over the cracks.
I have discussed these problems with doughty local councillor Roger Robinson and other councillors, and also Ned Paul – the splendid director of our club.
I know they have worked hard for a solution, but so far as I am aware there has been no real progress.
Cllr Robinson tells me that years ago the main hall was an extremely popular venue for local weddings and other functions, and I believe him – it has huge potential.
I am even more appalled at this shocking state of affairs when I compare St Pancras with other community centres in the borough, most of which are in a splendid condition.
Regent’s Park Road, NW1

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RE the difficulty your correspondents have had in finding out about Community Learning Courses. Could they write back to the letters page to share with readers in some detail what is on offer? Perhaps the Camden New Journal could help too with a story about the project and what we may be missing.
S. Dunn


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