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Camden News - by PAUL KEILTHY
Published: 8 October 2009
Armed villains arrested after daylight chase

‘He took the gun and aimed at them’

HIGH drama came to the school run in three normally quiet streets in West Hampstead when a gang of armed villains was hunted down and arrested on Tuesday.
As police stopped a Vauxhall Astra in West End Lane at around 3pm, two men drew guns and aimed them at officers before attempting to escape.
One was held by the unarmed officers near West Hampstead Tube station, but a second fled across the railway line into Sherriff Road.
Desperate, he tried to steal a moped from two men at gunpoint.
Some reports suggest that he tried but failed to fire at the moped owner, but a witness told the New Journal: “He tried to grab the bike and he pointed the gun at [both men] – but then they took the gun off him. But he had another gun, aimed it at them, and said ‘Give me the gun and the bike’.”
Frustrated, the gunman fled on foot, cutting through the residential side street of Gladys Road. By this time, armed police were in the area, and cordons were forming across West Hampstead streets.
Student James Fulken, 21, had a ringside seat in one of the converted Victorian terraces of Hemstal Road as police ran the suspect to ground on the corner of Hemstal Road and Gladys Road.
Mr Fulken said: “There was one guy and he’d tried to hide under a car – not very bright – and there were police round the car, armed police. We were told, again, to get back from the windows, which was a shame. Then they arrested him.”
Three guns were recovered from the scene. Police yesterday would not confirm reports that a package of diamonds was also retrieved, but Detective Inspector Mick Millar stressed the seriousness of the incident, adding: “Officers and a member of the public were threatened with firearms in broad daylight in a very busy area of north London. This incident could easily have resulted in somebody being shot and seriously injured if not killed.
“We would therefore like anyone who may have witnessed this incident, particularly a female resident who approached uniformed officers and may have information which will be able to assist the investigation.”
The men, aged 30 and 47, were being held yesterday in Wembley police station. Detectives from Trident, the Met unit which investigates gang related gun crime, are leading the inquiry.
Police asked witnesses to call 8733 4774 or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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