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Published: 3 September 2009

Silla Carron with her letter the Duchess
Silla and Fergie: a dream team?

Tenants champ asks Duchess of York to join her fight to brighten up estates

THE award-winning tenants champ who helped turn around the fortunes of a Camden Town estate has asked the Duchess of York to join in on her next project.
As the New Journal reported last week, Silla Carron, 61, thinks the idea for Sarah Ferguson’s Duchess On The Estate – a poorly-received film about her attempts to brighten up a Manchester estate – was pinched from Silla’s own documentary.
She won gongs for The Estate We’re In, a series in which she advised tenants on a sink estate in Plymouth how to stop the rot.
During the series, she armed herself with the same bolshy, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer attitude she displayed when she helped to reverse the fortunes of Clarence Way Estate, once plagued by drug addicts.
Now, Ms Carron, who has no hard feelings about the remarkable similarities between the two shows, wants to convince the Duchess not to give up on taking positive action by joining her on the next series of the hit show.
The New Journal has agreed to send a personal letter from Ms Carron to the Duchess to make sure she sees it and gives it proper consideration – giving the pair the best chance of working together in the near future. In her letter to the Duchess, Ms Carron wrote that filming for the second run of Estate We’re In is almost about to start.
She said: “I would be very honoured if when we start filming you could find the time to join me perhaps for a day… I know your presence with me would really make a difference.”
Ms Carron added: “I watch the work you do and I am very impressed with the passion with which you do it. It’s often the case that you receive bad write-ups as you did this time but I believe it’s time to change the attitude of the press and it’s definitely time to get a good write-up.”
The letter added: “I think you’re great in all you do and your presence can only enhance the work I try to do.”
Ms Carron said she came up with the idea to invite Ms Ferguson after reading the New Journal’s story last week.
“My daughter read it and said ‘she should come with you when you do your next one.’ I said ‘that’s a brilliant idea, why don’t I give her the chance.’”
She added: “Can you imagine the force of her and the force of me? It would be superb, I’m sure the people would be absolutely over the moon.”
Ms Carron will go to a mystery location to film the second run of The Estate We’re In in the next couple of weeks.

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