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Camden News - By PAUL KIELTHY
Published: 3 September 2009

Ryan Wint are arrested on Delancey Street in March this year
Crack dealers Gummy and Babyface jailed

13 sent to prison as police war on Camden Town drugs goes on

THIRTEEN crack dealers snared in undercover police operations in Camden Town and King’s Cross have been jailed for a total of 38 years.
The police sting, aimed at a ring of dealers using Camden’s homeless hostels to recruit runners and “hardcore” Camden Town crack sellers, involved detectives posing as addicts to gather evidence as they bought cocaine and heroin to the area’s streets and squares.
Jabari Moore, 30, known as “Gummy”, and Ryan Wint, 32, known on the street as ‘“Babyface” were jailed for five and four years respectively for dealing crack and heroin in Camden Town.
Detectives said “Gummy” Moore had been selling drugs in the borough’s “frontline” for nearly a decade.
Sentencing Moore and Wint at Blackfriars Crown Court, Judge Peter Clarke said: “It is well known that the area of Camden is infested with drug-taking and the accompanying drug dealing and the attempts by police officers to staunch that trade are continuing.”
The trials of the men revealed that dealers have become increasingly aware of police tactics, with Moore ordering repeated searches of undercover police
Det Sgt Sean Tuckey, who led the undercover unit which made the busts, said: “Each time we conduct these operations we have to be more innovative.”
There have been further arrests in the past month, with one man charged with running a £1million-a-year drugs operation based on the homeless hostels in King’s Cross and the West End.
Police established that some hostels were being used as clearing houses for crack and heroin, with a consignment ordered by mobile phone arriving daily. The New Journal observed one undercover “buy” at Harrington Square in March, when around a dozen alleged users had gathered to wait for a delivery. One consignment was delivered in a Kinder egg, found to hold 59 wraps of crack and heroin.
The undercover busts are at the forefront of Camden police’s drive against Camden Town’s drugs market. More than 60 dealers have been jailed since the operations began two years ago. Traders and residents have reported anecdotally a drop in the drugs trade along Camden High Street and Camden Road.
However, official figures, derived from CCTV footage of street deals, had not reduced significantly when the police and council scrapped the counting system earlier this year, blaming rises on better CCTV operators.
The following have been jailed after pleading guilty to supplying Class A drugs: Saj Rahman, 30, of Quex Road, West Hampstead, who was sentenced to three and a half years; Hanina Kooraram, 45, from Frederick Street, King’s Cross, five years; Jacqueline Chandenier, 43, from King’s Cross Road, King’s Cross, three years; Kenny Logan, 33, of Mount Pleasant, King’s Cross, two years; Jose Defreitas, 37, of Camden Road, two and a half years; Neill Austen, also known as Sydney Jones, 39, Parker Street, three years; Jaroslav Jankovskij, no fixed address, two years; Ryan Wint, 32, address unknown, four years; Jabari Moore, 30, no known address, five years; Terence Lewis, 44, Stockwell Park Road, Stockwell, 21 months; Mohammed Abdur Rob Ali, 20, Gaisford Street, Kentish Town, 22 months; Vernal Bolston, 44, Tufnell Park Road, Highgate, 52 weeks suspended; Menalik Brown, address unknown, 21 months.

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