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Published: 3 September 2009
Answers on a postcard: why is this delivery man putting letters in box?

Royal Mail pledges to investigate internet video after claims that post round is always late

EVER wondered why you’re not getting your post or why it often arrives a little later than you expected?
Well, one mother-of-two thinks she may have come up with an answer after she spotted a man West Hampstead delivering a sackful of mail into a postbox .
Furthermore, after she saw him do it for the second time in two hours, she filmed it and made a posting of her own: on YouTube.
Yesterday (Wednesday) the man – who has yet to be identified – was apparently caught
red-handed pushing
letters through a post box at the corner of West End Lane and Inglewood Road.
After being contacted by the New Journal, Royal Mail said it was investigating the matter and had flagged it up with the Camden delivery manager.
“It happened twice in less than two hours. Same man, same box,” said Mila Tanya Griebel, of Gladys Road. “If you’re not getting your post, you know why.”
Ms Griebel added that at Christmas she saw a postman redeliver his entire bag back into a post box and until recently would regularly get the dregs of the postie’s bag through her door, as hers was the last on the street.
A spokesman for Royal Mail said: “Royal Mail takes all aspects of customer service very seriously and, as such, the manager in charge of deliveries in Camden has been alerted and is currently looking into the matter.”

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Your comments:

Ms Griebel should have asked the postman why he actually did this.
The comments on her video on Youtube give a whole different view. Shame that
you at the CNJ did look into this any deeper
Richard Quick

The video has been removed from Youtube by the user (assuming this
would be Ms Griebel) after receiving comments from posties who actually knew
what they were talking about, which made her see that it was a misinterpretation.
Richard Quick

I HAVE worked as a postman for over 20 years & in all that time all the postman I have ever known have put letters back into the postbox. Most premises tradesmans buttons turn off after a certain hour and in some cases you just cannot get into these premises with people being at work. So instead of carrying this undeliverable mail in our pouches for the rest of the delivery, we simply endorse the mail saying 'no entry' with the date on it & put it back into the mainstream ie. the postbox. As for Mila Tanya, if she honestly thinks that's why she is not getting her mail then I feel pretty sorry for her. Noticed that she has took down the link to you-tube. Doesn't surprise me as she must have got some comments telling her that she has not got a clue what she is talking about. Coming to think of it neither has Charlotte Chambers. Thought the main point of being a journalist is that you know what you are talking about. Its clear that you do not & you really should have done some investigating about this subject first. Never buying a Camden Journal ever again!

IF it was only a few letters this is known in RM as pouching off. Mind you you should only do it in certain circumstances where delivery was attempted but unable to be completed, such as a Dog Loose, a gate locked or a letter box sealed etc. I do it sometimes when new residents give me letters for previous residents to RTS.A whole bag though is a no no.


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