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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 6 August 2009
Vive la différence between an art form and vulgarity

• GOOD reporting and pictures of the burlesque march (Burlesque dancers in ‘victory’ after march, July 30).
It’s good that the council’s licensing chiefs have now had a rethink on this issue.
I have seen several of these burlesque performers at various 1940s and 1950s rock ’n’ roll gigs and there was a group on stage at the Thames Festival last year and hopefully again this September.
No doubt there will be some who say this degrades woman but the performers are not being forced into this and enjoy their act as much as the audience. What of the classes in belly dancing and pole dancing women enthusiastically attend?
In my opinion burlesque, belly dancing and pole dancing, the colourful costumes and interesting names is another dance art form, harmless and very good fun for the viewer and for the performer alike.
I agree that other forms of “adult entertainment” should be carefully controlled but all the burlesque performances I’ve seen had no nudity, no body contact, were not vulgar and were good fun.
Unfortunately I missed the girls’ protest (pictured right) and march in their costumes apparently bringing traffic to a “standstill”, well it would do wouldn’t it?
I bet that was one demonstration where the coppers at Holborn and Kentish Town volunteered without any persuading.
I think the girls should march again, in fact every time I’m up that way.
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