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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 11 June 2009
A journey too far to get Jack to school?

• I WAS so sorry to read that a two-mile journey seems a journey too far for Dr Liz Taylor and her lovely son to travel to school each day (Over an hour’s walk just to get Jack to school, June 4)
He and his family would be made very welcome at Brecknock. I can assure his mum, that both he and his parents would have a wonderful experience at the school, especially if he came along with a group of friends and parents could help each other out with drop-offs and collection.
I was somewhat surprised that eco-champion, Councillor Alexis Rowell had not already instigated some appropriate direct action from Camden, in facilitating the wishes of local parents who want to attend non-denominational community schools. He might, for example, have suggested a safe cycle route with free bike hire or even the setting up of a school minibus service.
I’m very fortunate, in that where I live there are four community schools within 10 minutes’ walk of my doorstep, yet this is an area where many families come from economically deprived backgrounds and where many wealthier families select to pay for private education. Some, amazingly, seem quite prepared to transport their own children all the way to Hampstead and Belsize Park each day.
I have three children between five and 17 years of age and all have attended Brecknock. It’s a great school with an excellent head and a wonderful team of the most dedicated teachers.
Dr Susanne Griffin
Marquis Road, Camden, NW1

Route 393

• Some time ago, when the 393 bus route was being proposed, you published my letter suggesting that instead of going to Chalk Farm Morrisons the bus should run up Haverstock Hill to replace the 268 route to the Finchley Road Sainsbury’s, with the other end of the 268 being replaced by extending the 168 to Golders Green.
Now we hear (June 4) Dr Liz Taylor from Belsize Village can’t find a school for her son nearer than the Brecknock School off York Way, which has no direct bus link. It may be of interest to note that it would have done had my proposal been adopted. This does not, of course, excuse the failure to provide a place in a school closer to home.
Simon Norton
Howitt Close, NW3

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