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Camden New Journal - CROW by RICHARD OSLEY and PIP WROE
Published: 5 February 2009
Anyone else want to borrow Robbie Keane for a while?

A FEW years back I decided I had witnessed my favourite-ever moment involving Robbie Keane, the man we’re all talking about this week after his crawling return to Tottenham Hotspur after spending six months at Liverpool.

Keane had just scored a last-minute penalty in the north London derby, completing a Spurs comeback from 2-0 down to level against Arsenal. Off he sped, racing towards the ecstatic Spurs fans as if he had won the World Cup, toting his finger machine-gun. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a player celebrate with such delight.
And then the game restarted, about two seconds passed and the final whistle went. A draw. Arsenal got the point they needed to win the league and were named champions at White Hart Lane.
The look on Keane’s face as he did the maths, realising his penalty had not failed to stop Arsenal from clinching the title, as he had presumably thought, was, as I say, priceless.
I spent most of that afternoon in 2004, recreating Keane’s celebrations on the White Hart Lane turf. Yes, Spurs fans, I’ve been on your turf, celebrating a championship win.
It was an embarrassing day for Keane, but maybe not quite in the same league as moving to a top team, claiming you’d supported them all your life and then being thrown back to where you came after not making the grade. That must be hard.

GOOD enough to rebuy all our old players, including Chimbonda, who has a particularly poor attitude? The answer has to be no.
But we were much better last year than this season, so at least we’re moving back in the right direction.
Arsenal don’t seem to have a direction and have finally decided to sign that much- needed defensive midfielder and centre-back Andrey Arshavin to add some steel to their limp line-up. But isn’t he another unimposing little attacking-midfielder, whose transfer saga was longer than Ade-barn-door’s legs?
Oh yes, he is. Well done Arsene. And not to burst your bubble – although he looks young, he’s actually 27! So I think you should fire those devious scouts of yours.
We, of course, have just welcomed our old friend Robbie Keane back from a short trip up north to steal £8million pounds from Liverpool, money much needed to cover the embarrassment of buying Defoe twice.
If any other clubs fancy a six-month loan of Keano next season, Man City perhaps, please feel free to take him. We only charge a million a goal, which, according to the “inflationary trend” of this ridiculous league, will probably be a steal of a deal.

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