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Camden News - by DAN CARRIER
Published: 17 July 2008
Dirty buses may cost thousands

Town Hall misses pollution deadline

THE Town Hall is facing a fine of thousands of pounds after missing a deadline to scrap polluting buses and switch to greener transport.
The New Journal has learned that five vehicles in the Town Hall’s bus fleet, based in a York Way depot, break new laws over belching out dirty fumes and Camden have failed to replace them quickly enough.
A Low Emission Zone was introduced by Transport for London on Monday to slash exhaust fumes in the capital, and they told councils a year ago to swap their ageing coaches and lorries for green vehicles.
Camden ordered new buses in March but they have not yet been delivered. A number of gas and electric vans have been bought for other services.
Camden are now liable for fines of £200 per day, per vehicle, until they are replaced.
The buses are used to transport pensioners and for school trips. A council spokeswoman confirmed the buses did not meet the levels demanded.
She said: “Due to the supplier ­experiencing manufacturing difficulties and a high demand on materials, the anticipated delivery date of July 1 has not been met.”
The council now expect the new buses to come by the end of July and could appeal against any fine imposed.
The spokeswoman added: “The council believes it has acted in a ­timely manner for ordering replacement vehicles. Unfortunately, it has not been able to meet the original timescales for the replacement of ­vehicles.”
Camden “eco-champion” Lib-Dem Councillor Alexis Rowell welcomed the introduction of the zone and said the council were in the future planning to use vehicles that run on bio-methane – the gas produced from food waste that has no carbon footprint.
He said: “We need to get rid of our dirty vehicles, and this should encourage us to move more quickly.”
He added that a fine, if levied by TfL, would go to improve public transport.

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