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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 12 June 2008
So who is really benefiting from this craziness?

• TO Kentish Town councillors Faruque Ansari, Ralph Scott and Philip Thompson.
I object in the strongest possible terms to the proposed development on Dalby Street, Kentish Town.
Putting aside the fact that the building itself would be totally unsatisfactory – dominating and encroaching on what was set aside years ago as a public open space – the proposed arrangements for vehicular and pedestrian access to the sports centre are at best absurd and at worst downright dangerous.
The idea that the planned access road will forever more require a traffic marshal is ridiculous.
Once the flats are built, there is realistically little that can be done if the developers or flat owners renege on their promises.
It is beyond belief that the control of access to a public amenity will be put in the hands of private individuals, many of whom will be living in “affordable” housing.
As for pedestrian access, the new arrangements seem to confirm Camden’s underlying attitude that those on foot are second-class citizens.
The proposed footpath is narrow, obscured, and likely to be especially dangerous after dark.
The sight lines for the new road also put pedestrians using Prince of Wales Road and Kentish Town West station at risk.
Camden Council should be doing everything it can to preserve open spaces, promote sport and make life easier for pedestrians. Allowing this development to go ahead bulldozes through all three of these objectives.
Added to all this, the process by which Camden has approved this development in a piecemeal way raises serious questions about the accountability of the officials and advisers concerned.
One can only wonder who is really benefiting from the scheme.
I ask you to do what you can to stop this craziness, and very much hope you will be able to attend the executive environment sub-group meeting on June 19 to make these views known.
Dominic Tinley
Ryland Road, NW5

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