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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 21 February 2008
Need to mobilise to save post offices

• THANK goodness a Royal Mail insider has leaked the 11 post offices earmarked for the chop in Camden and Barnet.
Local people must react strongly now.
Sub-post offices in England’s Lane, South End Green, Crowndale Road and Highgate High Street are marked for closure, along with main post offices in Pennine Parade in Golders Green, Finchley Road in Child’s Hill, Alexandra Palace, Cricklewood and East Finchley.
New Labour stooges at the Royal Mail and the Post Office continue to destroy the service; which provides the economic support for local communities and protects our democracy. Post Office workers and their union the CWU are doing their best to protect this vital resource; while high paid stuffed shirts like Allan Leighton and Adam Crozier asset strip and destroy the fabric of this vital British institution.
The writing is on the wall.
We are going into a world economic depression caused by “peak oil.”
If our communities in Barnet and Camden are to survive and pull together through the hard times ahead we will need our post offices more than ever before.
The lack of intelligence and forward thinking by the Brown government in their destruction of the effective limbs of the civil service through their corrupt centralisation is only equalled in their blatant destruction of our Post Office and Royal Mail services.
The closing of these 11 branches is criminally negligent and the time has come for us to consider whether communities should take legal action to prevent the sabotaging of their local economies. Certainly the London Assembly and mayoral elections on May 1 will be an opportunity for voters to show New Labour that their failure to support the Post Office makes them unfit to govern.
Residents, postal workers, and unions must react swiftly. In Finchley Central where we lost the Ballards Lane post office, some people’s businesses have gone under as a direct result of the closure. Pensioners and parents have lost a valuable focus for their communities. Capital built up over generations has been syphoned from the local community.
Letters across the country and from Europe were one of the prime engines for creating the parliamentary democracy. It is this democracy and self-government and independence that New Labour is so intent on dismantling.
Surveillance by the state and Big Brother business such as Google and AOL is becoming ever more intrusive.
It is likely the days of the Post Office are numbered; unless we act now! I believe we should all be demanding the resignation of Allan Leighton and Adam Crozier. Unions, workers and residents should also consider a national demonstration against the closures from the headquarters of the Royal Mail and the Post Office to Downing Street.
Miranda Dunn
Green Party Candidate for Barnet & Camden, N3

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