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Camden New Journal - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Published: 21 February 2008
Police on the beat?

• I attended a most informative meeting last Monday evening at the Talacre Centre.
Those present had a chance to hear more about the asset management plan for the policing of Camden and discuss the possible implications should the plan get the go-ahead.
Centralising the policing from a single control base for the whole of Camden is a frightening thought.
Imagine the response time from one end of the borough to the other.
Our main streets are so crowded and busy as it is without the added nightmare of more sirens and speedy police vehicles racing to an emergency call. We all agreed that we need to keep policing local.
Front counter services are vital and need a presence in all the main areas of the borough.
Vital too, are officers on the beat. We need police who know their patch and who over time can build a relationship of trust and support with residents.
If policing in Camden becomes centralised and the existing buildings are sold off, we will lose a vital piece of what all of us have come to regard as an essential presence of law and order in our community here in Camden.
I urge readers to fill out the questionnaire in this month’s My Camden or log onto and have your say before the consultation closes.
Margaret Harvey
Camden Mews, NW1

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