The History of this column

ROSE Hacker is the world’s oldest correspondent. The author,

campaigner, mother, sex therapist, artist, and most recently,

journalist, was born in East London in 1906 to Jewish parents. A

clothes designer by trade, she became a radical socialist in the 1930s

travelling to the Soviet Union on the same boat as Beatrice and Sydney


Later she joined the Marriage Guidance Council and became one of

Britain’s first sex therapists and the author of several books on

teenage sexuality. In the 1970s she was an elected member of the

Greater London Council.

But it was the publication of Rose’s sparky, elegant column in the New

Journal last September made her an overnight sensation at the age of

100. So far, she has appeared in the Guardian, the Observer, the

Independent, Daily Mail, the Times, the Telegraph and Woman’s Hour. 

Request s to interview her continue to pour in from all over the world.