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Published: 11 January 2007

Lucy Kavanagh
Thanks CNJ for giving us a voice

Lucy Kavanagh says many of her peers care deeply about today’s issues – but are powerless to help bring about change

I AM so happy to see this new feature in the New Journal (Book of Grievances) and I am really looking forward to reading letters from other young people who have something important to say to everybody. > more
Now the voice of the youth can be heard
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Ken is off his trolley with this tram plan
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Stop this anarchy at the heart of planning
> more
spacerspacer Letters
Money for services remains the same
> more
War of words

RUTH Kelly has received a lot of stick for her decision to send her child to a private school.
That champion of state education, Fiona Millar, has surprisingly joined in the fray, saying the cabinet minister should resign. In a column in The Guardian on Monday, she points out that many questions remain to be answered. How severe is... > more

From private renting to council flats, our housing policies are in total chaos
IN his review of Simon Jenkin’s book ‘Thatcher and Sons’ (Jan 4) the now Lord ... > more

Councillor Philp works hard for us
I AM writing in response to the inaccurate letter from the local Labour Party Chair last week (Backdoor political letters are ... > more

Thanks to all those who turned out in support of our post office
AS the organisers of the march in early December last year to demand the reopening of our... > more

Xmas thanks
FIRST I would like to wish you all a Big Happy New Year.It was a great pleasure to receive your Christmas hamper. > more

We are not a banana republic
ROBIN Young is entitled to have his own opinion on the Standards Board for England (Well done to Brian for exposing planning... > more

Everybody is a somebody
I FOUND your front page headline (Death of a Nobody, December 21) deeply offensive. Inconvenient and embarrassing as... > more

A maverick who spoke his mind
- I WAS pleased to see you acknowledge the work of Andi Engel who died on Boxing Day (Farewell to screen giant, page 23)... > more

Welcome home Father Nick
- WELCOME home Father Nicholas of St Michael’s Church from his three month sabbatical in the City of God. > more

No panto pimps!
- I WENT with my family and a group of friends to see Cinderella at the Hackney Empire this weekend. > more

No to extended bus route
- I WRITE to voice my opposition to the proposed extension of the 393 bus route. My reasons are narrow residential roads, added pollution... > more

Sad tree tale
- THREE years ago Camden Council planted a row of six saplings outside the parade of shops opposite Bedford Avenue at the Oxford Street end of ... > more

Fill in school survey
- Calling all parents! Please don’t forget to fill in Camden’s survey on secondary school places and preferences. > more

A shame for Sir Geoffrey
- IT was with much disappointment that I read of Geoffrey Bindman’s acceptance of a knighthood, (Human Rights Lawyer knighted).> more

Do you remember blind John Stokes?
- Blind John Stokes:Can anyone help me trace John Stokes – a blind man last heard of in the Kentish Town area in the... > more

Hecklers are undemocratic
- REGARDING your article ‘Democracy Town Hall-style captured (Jan 4). This should be about freedom to listen and freedom... > more

Noise control -
THE building site at St Mary and St Pancras School in Aldenham Street/Polygon Road, Somers Town, put on their generator anytime from... > more

Heath help
- WOULD you tell Heath for Feet that there are plenty of us who would support them but do not have computers. > more
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